3 Tips to Choose the Best iPhone 7 Plus Case to Protect Your Device

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You shell out your hard-earned money on a brand new smartphone, especially the exorbitantly priced iPhone 7 Plus. Then, why not splash out some dollars more for a case to keep your device protected from breakage and scratches?According to an article published on https://www.huffingtonpost.com, iPhone’s sell like hotcakes despite software issues. That is because the brand Apple is a style icon for many who love to flaunt their phones with the half-eaten apple logo.

Therefore, you should keep your device safe. No matter whether your phone drops in the bathroom, left in front of an inquisitive tot, or slips from your hands and slides down the stairs, a sturdy case will protect your iPhone 7 Plus. Here are three tips to help you buy the right one:

1. Focus on the features

When you plan to shell out more, you deserve the best case for your smartphone. Look for additional features in the product. For example, if you want to take a group selfie using your phone, choose a case with a kickstand feature. It will help you take a group photo as well as keep the phone safe from suddenly slipping from your hands.

The kickstands pop out the rear side yet ensure the safety of your device. You can look for cases that offer numerous positions, especially those coming with 360-degree hinges. Pen down the important features in black and white and keep the checklist handy when shopping for the best iPhone 7 Plus cases India.

2. Think of how you will use your iPhone

How do you handle your smartphone? Do you use it in a rough way or too particular about it? If you feel you may drop your phone on a concrete floor accidentally, you need a sturdy and hard case to withstand shocks. On the contrary, if you handle your phone with care, you need a case that offers basic protection. You need not spend too much money on such a case. The choice of the product depends on how you use the same.

Therefore, be very clear what you want before sauntering into a shop. We recommend that you opt for a tough, durable case for your expensive iPhone.

3. Choose rugged cases

You can also pick rugged iPhone cases provided you are comfortable handling heavy, bulky products. Yes, these cases are heavy. These items have shatterproof corners and air pockets to reduce the possibilities of damage considerably. You can grip these cases easily even when your hands are wet.

However, their weight may make it a little difficult to put the phone in and out of your trouser pockets. There is a solution though. You can buy accessories like a holster or belt chip to manage the large, heavy build. When it comes to rugged cases, they protect the phone buttons and touchscreen too. However, it may cut back the touchscreen sensitivity and make buttons difficult to tap. Then, that does not mean that you cannot operate the phone.


Now that you know how to choose the best iPhone cover, make an informed decision. Opt for a case that keeps your phone secure and shatter-resistant.


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