The Google App Store Offers More Than You Think It Does

Google App Store Offers

The pervasiveness of smartphones means that it is portable and the most convenient means of communication and rendezvous.  Business and brands want to reach out to the world use this technical advancement, by making their website mobile friendly. Most websites are mobile responsive these days but do not connect with customers as well as an app does.

It provides direct access to customers, saving them the time to go online and search for the website to find the product they require. The company can leave offline support information to entertain their consumer as best as they can; an app can directly push notifications, giving the supplier the chance to connect with the customer unswervingly.

Many companies and freelancers are providing mobile app development services to mature and new developing businesses. M-commerce is generating a great deal of revenue. The app store is booming even though shopping is not as popular as a category.

However, the mobile app industry’s trends in design and development are perpetually changing. Some of the shifts are:

1. It goes beyond the screen:

“Gotta catch ‘em!” all the hype around Pokémon go game that made $2 billion a year after its release, and it was just the tip of the iceberg. Augmented virtual reality tools have the attention of millions of users from around the globe. They have transformed the mobile gaming industry and extended the list of common mobile game features. Augmented and virtual reality has significantly amplified user engagement.

2. The next wave of advancement in AI:

The progress in artificial intelligence will decide how chatbots inhibit the human system and how rapidly they adapt to changes in their environments.

They have brought great value to businesses. There are a few critical reasons for that.

a. A Personalized Experience

It is a smart software solution that helps provide an improved, quick, and personalized experience to both former and potential customers. They help in addressing the issues in a matter of minutes.

b. Reinforced by Professionals

Customer service specialists are more satisfied with their job since chatbots started dealing with routine tasks. Giving employs time for resolving complex tasks.

Virtual assistants are forces with endless capability. The trick is in implementing them in the right way. Moreover, this can be done by using the best mobile app development techniques.

3. Instant startups:

Instant apps that start within seconds are very striking to users. Apps that work with no downloads provide a great advantage. They are user-friendly and straightforward. Their small size and high performance is peaking the interests of mobile development companies.

4. Mobile Payment Popularity:

There was a time when payment shifted from cash to cards, and now it is shifting to mobile payment. Mobile banking services are changing the financial industry. More customers are shopping using their mobile phones. It is a faster, more comfortable and a secure way of spending money. The popularity of m-wallets is rising.

5. Wearable Apps:

Wearable apps are widely used as health and workout monitors in smart watches. The wearables have experienced inclusive enhancement. Apps for tracking, processing and transmitting significant data will get better and will have a better use.

6. Accelerated mobile pages:

AMP (accelerated mobile pages) can save time and money. AMP is the smaller variant of the standard HTML. It can improve the performance and make the web pages load faster. AMP is the biggest trends in mobile app development.

7.  Internet of Things:

IOT has taken the whole tech world to a new level. It connects different fortes and delivers the opportunity to build an ecosystem that will change our lives. This powerful tools and applications that require low energy consumption. IoT mobile apps can cover a wide range of healthcare purposes; solve issues with traffic grimaces and vehicle parking.

8.  Faster than 4G:

5G is a hundred times faster than its predecessor, 4G. This will change the mobile application market, as apps that currently take 5-10 minutes to download will only take a few seconds to install. It will make heavy apps perform immaculately. This will create advanced functionality development and security improvement and currently is under development.

9. App Security:

Online security is always an issue.  Malware is maturing dangerously and data breach becoming a challenge to avoid. Data security is an essential trending subject in the app development industry. Even Google and Apple have promised to add uncompromising security features to their products.


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