What’s Simmering in Microsoft Dynamics 365’s Kitchen for 2019?


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the most used solutions by a variety of companies. It is not just a customer relationship management tool, but contains all the various solutions for many other departments also. Like, there is a dedicated app for sales, for marketing and also for finance. In fact, now Microsoft has also included Enterprise Resource Planning capabilities to their Dynamics 365 implementation as well.

This has made Microsoft Dynamics 365 truly an all-encompassing program for corporates. Hence, the popularity of Dynamics 365 is growing at a rapid speed. Also, Microsoft is doing its best to keep its Dynamics 365 solution updated all the time to meet the needs of the changing corporate environment.

What to expect from Microsoft Dynamics 365 in 2019?

Though, Microsoft has been doing a lot since many years in order to make Dynamics 365 the best. They have constantly upgraded the Dynamics 365 implementation to make it perfect for the present time. However, we can still expect a plenty of more additions in the already comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics solution. Users are expected more use of the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence in the solution. Apart from that, users are also anticipating the addition of many more features in various apps, and even the introduction of some new apps or programs within Dynamics 365.

Here’s a brief of what we can expect from Microsoft Dynamics 365 in 2019:

Sandbox environment

If you want to pre-see the features, you would have to select the preview feature updates which is present in the Power platform Admin center. This will allow you to preview all the new features and updates which would be available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation for Customer Engagement. Sandbox, Production, and Trial are the environments which are used to preview features.

They help the admins to easily explore the features. Also, it makes the adoption of the new features a cakewalk. In fact, the admins can even make a copy of their Production environments. It would be seen as the Sandbox environment at the time of testing. All these environments can be easily updated, backed up and even restored at the time of testing the features. And, this will not affect the Production environment at all.

A more powerful Power BI

Power BI is already one of the preferred features of Microsoft Dynamics 365. And, now, we can expect an upgraded version of this feature with a lot more capabilities. All the users who would be incorporating Power BI will be able to make use of the new capabilities in 2019. After the new update, all the people would be able to work using the same data platform. This will help the users to leverage a large quantity of data very rapidly. This is done to derive new and a lot more useful insights.

Transformation by Artificial Intelligence

Integration of AI in many Dynamics 365 apps has already made this Microsoft solution the best amongst the rest. However, the company is expected to include a plenty of newer capabilities to most of the AI-enhanced Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications. When it comes to Dynamics 365’s app for Sales, here, Artificial Intelligence will be do a lot more predictive forecasting.

This will enable a lot more call-intelligence capabilities. When it comes to AI for Customer Insights, it might be made accessible in 2019 as well. Customer Insights will allow the integration straight with other platforms also.

This integration will eventually enable a single dashboard for all the analytics across a host of agents. However, one of the most awaited update is AI for Market Insights. It is expected to boost the ability of the feature to suggest linked topics at the time of doing searches. Also, it will start associating Bing search data with all the data that would be seen on social media.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is definitely one of the best solutions in the market, and in 2019, it is expected to become a lot more powerful. It would be extremely interesting to see how the new version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 shapes up. As, users are eagerly waiting for the updates, and Microsoft is doing its best to meet the demands of the users.


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