6 Ideal Tips For Stand Designers To Have An Impact On The World’s Stage


You might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by some of the competitor’s stands as some have budgets that you cannot consider spending giving an ultimate look that is great and unique to draw people in when at the exhibition.

You have a choice as to whether to have a bespoke or custom exhibition stand made from scratch or whether to use display systems such as roller banners and pop-ups that you simply need panels or banners printed for to display upon them. All these even with a small stand that you might have.

Many people decide to try and save money by having a simple bespoke stand, perhaps even made by themselves with bits and pieces bought from the local stores as bespoke exhibition stands can look impressive if they are done well.

Being a trade show attendee you cannot help but assume they are a new and inexperienced business as this may work if someone has a real creative flair that too often looks as homemade and unprofessional.

You also might be able to utilize a local company who will do a smaller stand for you but it can really get expensive especially if they need to set it up for you on site as the biggest companies use specialist exhibition stand designers and builders who have huge amount of experience and uses professional materials and tools to build custom exhibition stand.

It requires professional help as bespoke displays are complicated and require the professional hand to fix them while many display systems are designed to be easy to set up often.

The following are 10 of the ultimate tips which you can use while going ahead with exhibition design.

  1. Using a contrast of textures and materials
    To display the brand’s graphics, most of the exhibition stands features smooth finish walls too. So, why not play with the textures and materials and make your stand an outstanding one? You can well include semi-transparent printed screens and design an eye-catching stand which can be 100% optical. To give an enticing glimpse into the stand these can work quite well when you choose them in place of a typical wall.
  2. Lighting factor should be kept in mind
    Lighting should not be limited to basic functionality as it can accent, illuminate and sign-post too making a great impact. You need to think something that is completely out of the box by using lighting as a decorative aspect to your custom exhibition stands the It makes a huge impact online too as the blue LED can also make an impact on the exhibition floor too. This way you can well attract a lot of potential aspect through the channels of social media.
  3. Making a room to connect
    All your stands need to do is to support your business aims and this stands above all. To make some connections and to arrange some important meetings you need to make sure that your stand gives you the space to build up connections. It will all depend on the size of the stand when it comes to space which is dedicated to this wall. Making space to connect will provide you with the comfort that is required to create a lasting relationship whether it is a simple table to gather around or a full-sized meeting room.
  4. Offering a lot of experience
    To lure in the exhibition-goers, how would you create an appeal that is strong enough? Nowadays things are harder to be sold as today the consumers are generally cynical of marketing practice and looks for value in their exchanges. There is also this huge opportunity to create strong relationships with your consumers if you can position your brand as interesting, exciting, and useful despite all. All you need is to create high-quality leads by incorporating a stunt, event or immersive experience.
  5. Incorporating digital features to your stands
    When you are checking on your capabilities you need to consider whether or not you will require any digital capabilities or not. Getting a full laptop/desktop station built in, or some iPad mounts installed on the desks, is it worth getting them done on your bespoke stand? You might like some digital signage to add an extra edge on a further decorative aspect. You can normally go for a much sleeker integration down the line when you try figuring out these details.
  6. Considering reusing them
    Are to planning to exhibit at more than one show? All you need is to discuss with your stand designers of what you are thinking of. To fit on to the different sized space your stand can be designed as a one-off showstopper. You will have a bespoke stand that will serve you again and again as a result.


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