How Technology is Killing Your Productivity?


If you think that technology has just killed your health, relationships, and mind, you better add one more item in this list that is ‘productivity’. Yes, modern technology is also killing your productivity by killing your time and efforts.

According to HYPR Magazine, the digital devices are actually a great source of your distraction. Moreover, all that distractions are causing low productivity and poor quality of whatever you do.

Many students also approach an assignment writing service just because they aren’t enough productive to work on assignments. Students have been an ideal prey of technology and they aren’t able to focus on their studies just because of technologies like social media. 

More Communication, Less Productivity

Since communication has also become much easier today, people have started giving more time to communicate. In detail, our email usage, calls, messages, and meetings have precisely increased during some recent years and they are actually taking much of our time in a day.

Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp have also hurt the process of productivity in people because they are not able to focus on one thing for long hours.  You, classmate or colleague, may disturb you by sending you a message at the time when you are trying to do something productive. 

Though smartphones are other devices have made communication easier than ever, they have also mixed our personal and work life in such a way that we can’t separate them. This mixture is not good for you and it can make be techno-stressed that will eventually hurt your productivity at work and home as well.

Effects of Digital Tools on Productivity

One can’t deny the fact that digital tools have brought a great revolution across the world. However, it’s also true that these tools have badly hurt your productivity. Though digital tools are compulsory for different personal and business marketing aspects, it’s certainly not good when it comes to productivity.

According to Practice Freedom, you should make a proper timing of everything you go through the day, so that you may give time to some productive practices as well.

Have a look at a quick guide to schedule your day:

·  Set Your Social Media Usage


It’s the story of every second person that he has become an addictive of social media. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Youtube, and others together take many hours of you in a single day. You can use those hours for some productive practices only if you set a time for the usage of social media.

For example, you can set 15 minutes morning and 15 minutes in the night and this schedule will depend on your strictness or loyalty to your own schedule. This will help you focus more on your work and come up with some more productivity.

·  Set Time for Emails

If you receive adequate emails in a day, you will have no time to do except checking the mails. Your sent item must have got a number of emails that are not productive at all. So, rather than leaving your inbox all the time, you should use emails with a proper schedule. You schedule may be 30 minutes morning and 15 minutes in the night to check emails and reply them.

·  Work alone

If it is possible for you, you better choose a remote and isolated place to do something productive without being interrupted or disturbed. Moreover, you should be touching your mobile unless you complete a specific work.

Technology and Broken Flow

The concept of productivity gets faded when there is a broken flow in a work. To do anything, you need to pay full attention and focus to the work you do. North Star Inc states that when people focus on one thing at a time, they do that work with more creativity and productivity.

However, when your focus is distracted because of a call of know at the door, the productivity may not be as sufficient as you must have thought of.

Technology and Lack of Expertise

Since you aren’t able to focus because of having technology all the time in your hands, your expertise also see a great recession in a few months. Students and professionals learn all the expertise that is required for them so that they may learn the latest technology by all means.

Consequently, it’s really important to remain productive and creative throughout in your life so that you can do something bigger and better. Technology is good for you and it’s also true that it has brought great opportunities for millions of people across the world. However, it’ll be your responsibility that you make use of every latest technology in such a way that it may not hurt your productivity at any cost!

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