How to Choose the Right VPN Service


Do you think you are invulnerable surfing through the internet? Well, think again!  The Internet World has come a long way in providing a secure access to netizens. There are many websites that contain malicious content, torrents that are viral and other downloadable files which can truly infect your systems.

A Virtual Private Network is what you can consider as an added layer of security over the web. There are hundreds of VPNs in the industry and one finds it really hectic going through each and every VPN service and deciding which one to choose. Our team at Critic Thoughts has made it easier for you by analyzing the top VPN services and devising a top VPN list.

A VPN hides your IP address and makes you anonymous over the internet. This way, you will be untraceable even while torrenting and P2P filesharing. You can use a VPN for evading any type of censorship or geo-restrictions. It even let you access geo-restricted websites that are limited to particular areas due the distribution of license and viewing rights. Let’s dig deeper to get a fully enlightened perspective to make up your mind while selecting a top VPN service provider.

What to Look For In A VPN?

There are multiple elements that are to be considered while choosing a VPN. It is the pricing plan first. Most of the VPN users prefer a full package in an economical price tag. Other than this, the customer support should be active and responsive.

  • Where Are The Servers Located?

USA, UK, China, Europe, Canada, Australia are the most demanding countries which users access to stream their favorite channels. So the top VPN service providers do deploy their servers in all important locations keeping in mind the demand of the VPN users.

  • Is There Any Multi-Login Facility?

Using a VPN connection at homes and on work simultaneously can be done if the VPN provider you have chosen provides multi-login facility. The top VPN always gives simultaneous connections ranging from 3 to 7.

  • What Are The Payment Methods?

Most of the aforementioned top VPN services in the list supports Bitcoin payment mode which is an anonymous payment method and that is why it is considered safe. There are other secure payment methods such as PayPal, Master Card etc. which are trusted round the world.

·  Is It Compatible With Multiple Devices & OS?

The compatibility matters a lot especially when you have an iOS device and your VPN can only work over Android. To avoid these frustrating situations, we recommend you to go through the compatibility section of the VPN you are choosing.

· How Strong Is The Encryption Level?

The top VPN providers which are leading the market are known for protecting the users’ data in a real sense. The standard encryption level provided by the top VPN services is 256-bit while PPTP works over 128-bit encryption.

· What Does It’s Log Policy State?

None of you want to get monitored by the surveillance agencies like NSA and GCHQ. So, before you pick up a VPN service for yourself, make sure that their privacy policy states a zero logging of your online activities.

· Is It Worth Your Money?

Concluding the conversation over here, we would recommend you to compare between different VPN providers considering every possible aspect of the service which suits best to your needs. Or you can further get assistance with our thorough analysis by reading the full VPN reviews of each service.


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