Why Age Verification is The Right Business Strategy For Your Company in 2019


2019 is a year where not only mobile phone users will increase substantially but this year will also see a large scale adoption of digital channels by companies as their preferred storefront for generating revenue and making sales. The number of minors using a smartphone to access the internet and perform online activities like their senior counterpart will increase substantially.

It means that the cases of online identity theft originating from within the household will also increase. This creates a serious problem of cash back requests and online identity theft claims that will be anything less than complicated to handle for already overwhelmed business support departments across the globe.

Only a reliable age verification service can help online businesses operating on different internet-based channels to reduce cashback claims and thwart the use of their services, for under-age users. Below lines will help you better understand the value of an age verification service.

Customers Need it from you

Like the previous years, 2019 will be no different with online users demanding businesses to adopt measures to secure their online identities. After all, most of the times, stolen identity and account takeover are the major reasons for cash back requests and digital scams on the internet these days. Now, an age verification solution powered by a document verification software can help an online business to use an authentic identity document to check the actual age of an incoming user.

Multiple Age Verification options

Not only age verification is efficiently performed for the benefit of online businesses to fight online identity theft and digital scams, but there are multiple methods to perform age verification. Simplest online businesses can perform age verification with the help of inexpensive WordPress plugins. More established businesses can opt for identity verification service provider such as Shufti Pro to handle the task of prohibiting under-age users to access their services.

Shufti Pro is an AI-based SaaS product offering identity verification services in over 230 countries of the world. Its age verification solution takes help from its document verification solutions, that can verify the identity of an end-user with the help of passports and driving licenses in addition to conventional ID cards.

Smooth User Experience

By using a reliable age verification service, online businesses can focus on customers and users that are actually eligible to avail the services that a typical business has to offer. By trimming the herd of users with fake identity credentials or stolen information from their parents in order to gain access to otherwise restricted businesses and portals can help businesses to cater to genuine needs of their business customers.

Now there are many solutions that can help online businesses to integrate an effective age verification service, but none can match the service standard of Shufti Pro. It has a restful API and mobile SDKs for Android as well as iOS platform to help online businesses in keeping out underage users, no matter which platform or digital device they might use.


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