Why Display Lights Are Important In Custom Exhibition Stand?


We can not deny the power of lighting in an effectively designed exhibition stand. Most people do not consider the lights because they think that it will only add up the investment cost.

But the fact is that it has the right potential to attract more visitors and get high profit. With the advancement in technology, you can purchase different types of lighting which are allowed by your budget.

You should choose the right lights for your custom exhibition stand to create a stunning appearance of your booth. This small investment goes a long way and helps you in increasing your profit.

Therefore, it is recommended to use the lighting aspect in your stand. You can also talk to your professionals who can help you in choosing the right lighting style.

If you are curious to know various benefits of display lights at the trade booth then read the following points:

1. Catch The Attention

All exhibitors want to attract more and more potential customers at their exhibition stand. It is the first and foremost goal of all exhibitors who are participating in any trade show.

But, it is difficult to stand out among all competitors in the trade show. To highlight the key points displayed on your stand, you can use the different lighting on your trade booth.

It will not only highlight the essential feature but also catch the trade show visitor’s eye even well before he/she is there. You can take help of colored LEDs, uplights, moving lights and many more to design bespoke exhibition stands.

2. Represent The Essentials

Rather than creating a mess, these lights help you to spread brand awareness. You can use the lights in such a way that visitors focus on your brand logo, slogans and important messages on your custom exhibition stand.

In this way, they will immediately get to know about your company and its product or services with just a glance.

The spotlights can be used to draw the attention of people to the right message. LEDs can be used to make your trade booth’s attractive.

3. Build a Positive Atmosphere

With the right selection of lights and position to place them on the stand, you can create the right ambiance to connect the visitors with the brand.

These lights can create a welcoming atmosphere and bespoke exhibition stand for the trade show attendees. Hanging lights at the entrance of the trade booth can create a modern look and unique style just like custom exhibition stands UK.

Soft and dim lights on the top of the relaxing lounge can create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere so that visitors love to spend more time there and you can have a quality discussion with them.

You can use strong and effective lighting on the top of your products so that it can draw attention and visitors show interest in your products.

4. Stand-out During The Trade Show

In the trade show, you will be competing with hundreds of competitors and sometimes this number goes up to thousands, therefore, it is important to represent your stand unique and creative to catch the attention of visitors.

Lights can help you with the same. But you must choose them efficiently. If you do not place them in the right place then you will not able to create a good impression.

Tips To Use The Lights In Optimum Way At Your Stand

1. Lighting Design Should Be Appealing

First of all, you should understand that lighting is art and it can directly appeal to the human spirit and sensibility.

In order to harness its benefits, you should know how to use it so that can produce the right effects during the bespoke exhibition. Using the right light design is an art!

2. Use Matte Material and Reduce Glare

The biggest mistake all exhibitors commit is they avoid the importance of balanced reflection. If your lights cause glare then rather than making a positive impact, it produces the negative one.

Therefore, you should avoid glare. But, how? Bright surfaces and reflective surfaces as two major reasons behind the glare, so choose your stand material efficiently. Choose matter material to reduce the glare.

3. Consider Other Light Sources

If you are participating in day time exhibition then don’t forget to consider the natural sunlight interfere with the stand light.

On the other hand, if participating during the night then consider ample exposure through dominant lighting.

Or, you could experience a day-to-night affair. you have to consider all the conditions to create the right effects.


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