5 Massive Business Ideas To Give Proper Shape To Your Future


It can be hard to figure out which are worth pursuing so many business ideas in 2019. You want to start a business which is great for the long-term as well as being profitable.

Making it more competitive and less risky, some of the e-commerce business ideas on this list have always been popular for a long time.

Today, we bring to you a compiled list of 10 massive and gigantic business ideas with which you can give a proper shape to your future as well as make tons of money!

Let us plunge into the pool to see what we have in store for you…

1) Streetwear for the fashion business

Over the years, the streetwear niche has been steadily growing. It will be growing at a stable 5% increase each year up until 2020.

Proving that fashion sub-niches can still be ultra-profitable and successful for new business owners, the $300 billion dollar industry can hold its own weight in the fashion world.

For the business owners who are looking to cater their fashion lines to men as men’s streetwear is exceptionally popular right now, startup ideas like streetwear are perfect.

On popular social platforms like Instagram, Streetwear is a niche example that can be marketed. It can help you create a professional brand as younger people are starting to lean towards luxury streetwear brands having influencers like custom photos.

You can also create a Student Rep program and pay influential students to promote your brand to people throughout their campus for some strong word of mouth marketing if you are targeting a younger demographic.

2) LED light bar in the electronics business

The demand for full-vehicle lighting increases with the increased popularity for headlight upgrades both HID and mini LED light bars. To find the best bulbs for every aspect of automotive lighting we have explored the new trends in the lighting industry.

mini led light bars

You can have a much brighter indication to the other drivers around you keeping in mind the intended purpose of the reverse lights.

To avoid collisions while backing up, brighter LED reverse lights will ultimately help you in this.

There was one that stood out above the rest GTR lighting’s high output 1,000 Lumen LED reverse lights as it has been tested for many different options for the LED reverse light upgrades and people are strongly getting attracted to them.

On the Headlight Revolution’s website, these further information on these LED reverse lights can be found. And this is a booming business which you can take heed to.

3) Wireless Earphones as small business ideas

By a rate of 7.0%, the wireless earphone market is expected to grow. It is expected to continue seeing growth as the wireless headphones currently own 31% of the market share.

Making it worthwhile for the entrepreneurs to start businesses in this niche, the retail market for the headphone industry is expected to grow to $15.8 billion by 2025.

Due to the advancement in technology such as Bluetooth and wifi, wireless earphones are a startup idea which is growing in popularity.

There is also a convenience component to them. You will wish to create articles about wireless earphones and different target audiences who would use them while building a brand.

4) Phone case as a startup idea

By 2025, the phone accessories industry may be worth as much as $121.72 billion. This new business idea still offers a lot of flexibility for you as an entrepreneur should decide to tap this niche market while it may include products other than the phone cases.

By making it a profitable niche, the phone market case accounts for 20.5% of the phone accessories industry.

There is still room for new stores to emerge while there are a lot of phone case businesses. iPhone cases, Samsung Phone cases, wallet phone cases and more can be drop shipped.

5) Smartwatches as business ideas for home

There were 141 million units of smartwatches which were sold around the world by 2018. An astonishing height of $19 billion worldwide is expected to be reached by this industry.

It is expected to earn $53.2 billion in sales revenue in 2019. Smart watches are evolving making them an innovative business idea whether it is being used to track the steps or plan your day.

Appealing mostly to those who are interested in fitness or are heart patients, you can drop ship smartwatches with heart rate monitoring.

For those who like to travel, hike, or are involved in outdoor activities, you can drop ship smartwatches with GPS. For those who like taking picture or selfies, you can drop ship smartwatches with cameras on it.

how you choose to market your brand and who you choose to target can open up a range of possibilities for you in the future with this startup idea.


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