Spend Less Gain More With Open Source Business Software


The custom business software are generally cloud based and can be accessed from anywhere. It is not a single tool kit software which will need a huge cost to set up for using a small part of the software. The demerits of traditional software are eliminated with the new custom made software.

The best part is they can be customised as per requirement and below are some of the key areas by which better efficiency can be achieved in business and production.

  • The first biggest advantage is you get to decide what is needed for your business. You can pick and choose the software you need rather than buying the entire package. Whether you need a CRM or a word processor, an accounting package or a spreadsheet application now you will pay only for what you will use.
  • You will now be able to get specialised software for your requirements. Maybe there is a software available which is suitable for your needs but exactly it does not fit your production or business unit. You may in that case get someone to write the software coding. All you need to do is search the market place!
  • The updates and bug fixes are faster now. You do not have to wait for 18 months for a software upgrade. Especially for smaller companies they can get their software updated easily as it is only a fraction of the code that they would be working on and not the entire software. This takes less time and hence less upgrade times.
  • Since the software are nowadays cloud based you can access them from anywhere and pick up from where you left via your login credentials. You can access critical business updates from your laptop, mobile desktop or smartphone at your convenience, any time. This is helpful especially during business travels!
  • Since our needs are growing to meet the business targets more and more business applications are being developed. The developers are also competing to bring forth the best of what they can to face the market. So you have vast options available to choose from the best.  The customisable option is always there though!
  • Since it is all cloud based you do not have to pay more for adding up another user or getting another license. The software kit should be enabled such that is is capable of adding multiple users in order to grow. For accounting software generally, the number of users that can access these software is set to unlimited!
  • The add on applications are also available and can be integrated to transform and reform your business process. The best can connect to about 300 add on applications! It means you can automatically access the features of these 300 or more add on applications without paying much. It is however advisable to build a solution that fits your typical business arena to find out the add on apps to suit your business perfectly.

In short, the biggest benefit is you can shape up your business process the way you want without having the Custom Software Development Solutions control your thoughts and requirecments! It is however necessary to find out what tools and functionalities would be best needed in order to seek out the software, applications and add on applications to boost the performance levels.


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