The Conventional Art Elements That Digitize To Create Animation For Businesses


Years ago, art is one of the most prominent domains that have a creative way of presenting a story or concept. It uses colors and other designing elements are effective and concise an explanation. Still, today, this domain has maintained its value. However, there has been the advancement in parallel that is the transformation of these conventional art concepts into digital form. The digitization of elements does not eliminate the standard concept and structure but it created its own space in accordance with the current space and need. This digital art is known as animation.

Animations are the true reflection of handmade art that simply replaces the paintbrushes, pencils, colors and a paper with screen and digital gadgets. The introduction of these elements was the need of an hour. Since the world is forming connectivity through digital platforms, therefore; everything that has the capacity to engage should transform into digital. This extremely used by the corporate sector in order to market their brand in an engaging manner. Moreover, today animations have increased their use in entertainment, architecture, and engineering. The constant bulging use of this tool also created a space of animated video company that can serve the skills of this sector to the demanding sections.

The elements that are contributing to the transformation

You can easily notice and identify the use of standard elements that are hugely consumed in the animation sector today. Following are the main key elements that will help you in understanding the concept.

1. Sculptures into Claymation

Sculpture art practiced from ancient times. There were people who use this art to create a structure of their personalities that they worship. Even today, many religions follow this art to create sculptures of their personalities. This art is now transformed into Claymation that depicts the animated form of sculptures that talks and moves like a real character. The characters are made with both watercolor and oil-based colors that fascinates the audience on a huge.

2.    Live sketching into stop motion animation

Live sketching is an art of drawing a still live object that places in front of the artist. Live sketching is one of the hardest skill that an artist wishes to have. This art is simply the creating of an object that has a real existence in an artistic way. Today, this art transformed into motion graphics that used to have a static object on screen live. This technique is done by the increment is the object per frame. This constant increment in the frames collectively producing the motion of that static object. Many businesses are using this art for marketing their real-life product with some creative movements for grasping attention.

  • Calligraphy into typography

Calligraphic art is the old and attractive art that depicts a story, word, sentence into creative manner. It uses to form an understanding of the deep thought of using a certain world. Since calligraphy is efficient in presenting concepts, a need for the introduction of typography was necessary. Today, typography uses on a huge level for creating effective content. Businesses are using this digital art in designing logos that are the source of reflecting the brand’s aims and objectives.

  • Capturing and editing photos

Photography is the most preeminent domain that influences the viewer. Capturing a scene, person or object is an effective way of creating a clear concept to the viewer. Businesses are using this art to portray their product or services. Moreover, this art also used to create a trust factor among the audience as it presents real-life objects.

  • Real life painting into illustration

Painting is the most effective way to present a concept. The paramount factor of its attraction is the right use of colors that are contained with a meaning behind. It also connects the audience emotionally because the use colors are the proven medium that displays sadness and happiness. This art now transformed into digital illustration. Businesses use this art to create an attractive understanding of an abstract idea. Today, many of the children books, company logos and posters are made with illustrations. It is the most attractive way of communicating a concept.


Businesses are constantly implementing effective ideas that enhance the marketing and image of a business. The transformation of conventional art elements into these amazing digitized animations are the most efficient domain of business marketing. Moreover, the increasing use of these videos have a proven result in gathering a huge fraction of audience towards the brand and keeps them engaged for a longer time.


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