The Importance of Event Marketing for the Success of a Business


Have you ever been attracted to mobile networks that give away t-shirts or free blankets at football games or cricket matches! Have you ever been suddenly surrounded by a flash mob in a crowded mall that is put up for product launching or promotion?

These are all instances of 21st century event marketing. Event marketing should be such that it is able to leave a brand-focussed and lasting impression of entertainment and fun by grabbing the attention of the people who are gathered together.

Event marketing, if executed in a successful manner can provide each with an experience that will resonate in the minds for a very long time. To help you ascertain the importance of event marketing, here are some of the major perks that it brings. Take a look.

Event Marketing Boosts Sales

The purpose of marketing is to sell a service or a product and event marketing does just that. Irrespective of whether your company is B2C or B2B, such events offer the opportunity to establish the relationships as you are present there and get to interact with your guests face to face. This definitely impacts the rates of conversions specifically because more customers can ask you the questions then and there. You can close more deals by making sure that you staff the events with knowledgeable employees. You can directly track the ROI of the event by measuring the sales in a simple way.

Event Marketing Helps to Achieve Face-to-Face Networking

The face to face networking is not just a buzzword which is used in the domain of business. If you can hold an event especially for the entrepreneurs for mingling it can pay off in ways that you have not expected. You can also establish long-lasting relationships with your contacts if you are hosting a seminar among people who are like-minded or enthusiastic and driven. You will be associated with brand and networking and you will be able to set up the notion that your business is the leader in the community.

Event Marketing Helps to Build Brand Affinity

People will remember it if you host an event that is outstanding and exceeds the expectations of your attendees. People will also remember your brand if you create an experience that will be able to strike a chord with them. Memories cannot be created through webinars and eBooks. Organising events will help you to do it. The valuable knowledge, the enjoyable interactions and first-hand inspirations all help you to get a clearer picture and boost your brand affinity. Brand affinities can also be improved when the companies sponsor events for the charities like doing something for spreading mental health awareness, contributing towards poverty alleviation or enhancing cleanliness in your local community and other worthy causes.

People can relate to you if they find that the company also cares for the same issues that concern them. Though brand affinity cannot be measured then and there, there are a plethora of benefits that it offers according to research. Trust, reliability, interest in the brand and optimism are some of the emotions that people feel when they have affinity towards a brand. Naturally, it is easier to sell a service or product when your customers trust you.

Event Marketing Helps to Recognise Other Businesses that Can Benefit You

In case of exhibitions and conventions you are not just enhancing your brand-to-customer relationships but also the business-to-business relationships. As you attend or host the seminars, conventions, exhibitions from the same industry as yours you will get a chance to network and perhaps dig out resources that can come to your aid like marketing partnerships, suppliers of products or inspirations from business leaders.

The above are some of the reasons why event marketing that can be organised by professional event company or can be self-hosted which is essential for the success of your business.


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