3 Trending IT Certifications to Become an IT Professional


Your employers can make a better decision about choosing you if you are well-qualified and certified. These things can take you forward in your career and add stability to your long-term working prospects. If you want to prove your abilities, these certifications can help you find better employment.

Certifications work as a stamp that you are excellent in your work so hiring you won’t be regretful. Certifications mostly get expired after one or more years according to the certain vendor’s policy terms. So, you need to do them again, this keeps you updated with the trending technology. A simple and easy learning process can make you a keen learner.

Why you should read this article?

This article will help you get a guideline on how to pass these exams. You should choose wisely about these certifications if you want to be an IT expert so that you can have a good start to your career. If you spend your money on getting a certification that doesn’t have a good scope in the market, you will get nothing. If you want to know about the popular certifications, this article would be a great help. You will no longer be jobless if you achieve these certifications.  

You can initiate a ground-breaking career if you hold any of these IT certifications.

It doesn’t matter whether you are highly educated or not, you have good or zero knowledge of IT, you can attain basic IT certifications to move forward.

There are different Microsoft exams depending on the need of an individual. Some examples are ACA, CISSP, MCSE, AZ-900 and CompTIA A+.

ACA questions have 3 levels namely (i) certificate (ii) professional (iii) advanced

CISSP questions include multiple-choice and advanced innovative questions.

MCSE comprises of 5 exams with 50 questions each.

AZ-900 questions are from 4 modules, you must have good knowledge of these modules before you attempt the exams.

Now, let’s go through the 3 top IT certifications individually to see what a person should do to initiate a career in the IT market.

1- CompTIA A+ An entry-level certification:

CompTIA A+ is an entry-level certification, depending upon the varying areas of technological processes. If you are looking for a career in the IT market and want to learn the basics, CompTIA A+ would be the best choice. If you pass the CompTIA A+ exam, you will have certified knowledge of desktops (PCs), operating systems (OSs) laptops, mobile phones, and any other computing equipment.

There is a two-step examination that you need to pass to get CompTIA A+ certifications: performance-based and Multiple-choice questions. These exams are not free of cost. You can find a minimum of 6.7k jobs demanding only CompTIA A+ with some other job requirements. The jobs for CompTIA A+ are posted with different job titles. Here are some of the titles you can find on the internet while looking for a job. These titles will help you understand the requirements and find the vacancy.

§  Desktop-support technician

§  In-home support specialist

§  Help-desk technician

2- CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional):

This is an essential certificate needed for the IT industry. It is accepted worldwide. The root purpose of this certification is to secure the organizations from any attack. A CISSP expert can check and verify IT security by engineering IT security programs with extensive managerial skills and techniques. A CISSP expert has good demonstrative skills for helping a business or an individual.

CISSP carries 8 exclusive subjects covering a broad range of areas. These 8 subjects include:

§  Software development security operations

§  Software development security

§  Security assessments and testing

§  Security engineering

§  Communication and network security

§  Identity and access management

§  Security and risk management

§  Asset security

CISSP exams carry 250 questions to attempt in 6 hours. Does it seem easy to pass? Of course not. But don’t worry, Dumps will help you in clearing this exam. CISSP jobs are enlisted with these titles on the internet:

§  Security analyst

§  IT analyst

§  IT auditor

There is no need to worry about the job options if you have this certification.

3- ACA (Apple Certified Associate):

The world is full of computer retailers. But as compared to the whole world, with many established tech giants, the USA covers a huge industry of computers. You may have heard a brand “Apple” when you think about computer vendors. The 3rd largest computer vendor in the world, Apple is also established in the United States of America.

Apple is known for its best products. It doesn’t concentrate on the quantity. It is always more concerned about the quality of its products. This is the reason, that Apple is still undefeatable, and people prefer to buy these products ignoring the high prices because they know the products are worth buying.

ACA (apple certified Associate) is introduced by Apple to integrate Mac users in its IT environment. As general IT environment is based on windows, ACA focuses on Mac.

The process of getting ACA certification is very simple and easy for people who are willing to get it. A person doesn’t need to appear physically in the exam. He can attempt his exam sitting anywhere on the globe instead of visiting an exam center.

Another plus point is its easy study material. You don’t need an instructor to train you for ACA. Its preparation is done by a 50-page pdf file which isn’t difficult at all. You can easily download its study material from Apple’s official website. Its exam fee is also affordable by anyone who wants to attempt this exam.

Ending remarks:

I only talked about 3 certifications in this article. There are many others offered by some tech giants such as Microsoft. The Az-900 exam is an example I have discussed above a little. But passing an AZ-900 exam isn’t easy. You can take help from its BrainDumps to learn, understand and pass the exam.

Getting certifications after struggling for some days or months than studying for years and years to get a degree. It’s up to you what path you choose to follow.


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