Writing Essays for Me Is Too Hard. What to Do?


Does the thought of having to write an essay feel stressful? The ability to convey a message in written form isn’t as effortless as it may seem, sometimes. You could be interested in the topic but don’t know where to start.

Sometimes you have no interest in the topic at all. Many times you could write the whole body, but falter at the introduction.

Is that you who feels essays for me are a tad difficult than to others? If so, this article is just for you.

What Could Make Essay Writing Difficult?

First, if you lack interest in the topic at hand, you are likely to have a grueling time. Also, your focus or inability to focus could keep you from crafting an essay. Here, we aren’t referring to developing an excellent composition, but just putting your words on paper.

Other times, one is anxious about producing work of low quality. Thus, crippling their ability to write. Also, the lack of confidence in your abilities to communicate effectively in writing could be the culprit.

How then does one get over the above and start working on their, say, evaluative writing?

Overcoming your “Inability” to Write

1. Read the works of others

It usually helps me when I’m stuck on the introduction. You know, you have to create something that will compel the reader to keep going. It needs to be compelling and persuasive.

Try reading more than just the funny essay titles. Observe how the authors develop their ideas. The styles and techniques they use for effective communication, too.

2. Try free writing

It’s especially helpful if you are facing writer’s block. Staring at a blank page not knowing what to write, or even start. It doesn’t have to be related to your topic.

It will help you get over the barrier of jotting down your thoughts. Allow your mind to free itself of the clutter until you start formulating ideas relating to your topic.

3. Start with the Body

Write the body of the article first. It gives you time to familiarize with the main points of the document. Then, get to the introduction.

It’s a summary of what you are trying to write about. A better way to craft it after you’ve fleshed out the main points of the content. Use your conclusion to tie in all the presented information.

4. Don’t worry about the rules

Focus on creating the first draft. Don’t be afraid to circle, the topic. Write a few main points first, before you get to the introduction.

Provide evidence for your statements, and still formulate your introduction. The writing process doesn’t have to be straight forward. Focus on getting things done.

You can always edit later.

5. Verbalize your thoughts

If you are having difficulty explaining your ideas in writing, try to verbalize them. Imagine you are describing it to someone who’s interested in the subject. Phrase a question and use the explanation to answer it.

If possible, record yourself, or enlist the help of a friend. Then write down the explanation the way you said it.

Polish up your Essay

It’s the final stage of the essay writing process. Ensuring there’s a logical flow of ideas. Also, check for grammar or spelling errors, and do what’s necessary.

Add relevant details where you feel you haven’t provided much back up. Go back to the given writing instruction for the essay (if any), and ensure that you abide by every one of them.

Take a break and go back to the draft again. Get a fresh set of eyes to go through the copy too. You are done with the hardest part of writing; this will be a little much easier.


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