Top 8 Alternatives for movie streaming sites in 2019

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Putlocker – It’s an online domain that hosts files and uses various other websites to stream entertainment media like television series and movies of different languages. Millennial use as a source to entertain themselves and also to keep them updated with the trending TV shows.

The initial version of this website was introduced in the UK in the year 2011. It became enormously popular and received more than a million visitors every day. However, it experienced a period of temporary closure during late 2016. Nevertheless, Alexa Internet registered Putlocker amongst the 250 most frequently visited sites globally. As per the statistics of Alexa Data, it is also among the first 150 websites in the USA.

A brief history of this popular source of amusement

Originally, Putlocker carried the URL of when it was introduced in the United Kingdom. However, it underwent numerous domain name changes over the years. In 2012, the URL of this site was altered and named Again, it was changed in 2014. People used, which was then situated in Iceland, to access this website.

But, the followers of this site probably had some hard luck as the address ( displayed error. It stated that the host service of this website is inaccessible. Anyhow, its mirror site appeared shortly with the domain address This happened after the site visitors assumed that had been terminated. Eventually, on 17th October 2016, was available for the web users.

It was not too long before the address of was active again. On 2nd November 2016 the domain address started working; however, the site came with a different name this time – it was But, due to some technical and legal glitches, it had to shut down again.

Alternatives to Putlocker for all the entertainment

1. Solar Movie

It was among the best-streaming sites before was activated in 2016. Also, movies buffs recommend this site and put it on the top of their list to watch movies free of cost. That’s because Solar movie have a strong search engine and their database for series and movies concerning regional languages as well are vast.

2. Popcornflix

The site is famous among web users for its availability of high-quality videos. It also provides endless entertainment options including both movies as well as television series without charging a penny. Further, this website has a separate grouping for popular and latest movies. This narrows down the searching process.

3. 123 movies

123 movies is another best movie streaming platform like Watching movies and video is very easy on this site. There is no need to sign up or resister. just visit the site and search your favorite movies and TV shows and watch.

4. Hulu

Hulu is one of the better alternative platforms of It’s not free though. You can get the latest movie and tv show with better quality by paid membership. Although Hulu provides one month free trial for watching the movie and show you like. After that their monthly membership plans of $7.99 available, offer the offer and enjoy watching your favorite tv shows and movies.

5. Megashare

Megashare is the platform where you can watch movies and TV shows of different countries. It is one of the best substitutes for Everyday Megashare uploaded different category movies and shows of different countries. You can find your desired category content easily because Megashares organizes all the content alphabetically, so simply choose the category and genres and begin to the main stream.

6. FMovies

FMovies is one of most important site for movie streaming online. Fmoivies contains large number of movies Hollywood movies and Tv shows. Browsing movie online on this site is excellent. Movies and TV Shows start automatically when you click the play and the categorization is also excellent on this site.

7. GoMovies

This one is an excellent alternative of as people can use this to view free movies and shows online. GoMovies never falters to update and add the latest movies to its massive database. It is said that the site contains the movies of Putlocker of the year 2017 wholly. Moreover, viewers can opt for HD viewing.

8. Niter

Its designing features and portraying styles are similar to Netflix. Also, Niter has user-friendly navigation with a chronological arrangement of series and movies. The videos do not contain many ads either; thus, proving to be a viable alternative to

So, what are you waiting for? Happy binge-watching