Using Amazon Alexa Devices As TV Speakers


We all know that without the Amazon Alexa, other Amazon echo devices are just an ordinary speaker. Alexa functions in more than just the amazon devices; she has tons of features that are available on devices other than amazon devices. As software, she can be built into just about anything these days.

So here’s how to connect Alexa echo to your home entertainment devices. That is, how to connect your echo to your TV or your TV to your echo.

An easy way is.

  • Go to settings then Bluetooth and turn your Bluetooth.
  • Make sure it’s discoverable

Note that this will only work if the device you want to connect with can connect with other Bluetooth devices.

  • Wake the desired Alexa device and say “pair”
  • when it appears on your TV then choose the device

Just incase your using the fire TV device, all go to settings, and precede to controllers and Bluetooth devices then other Bluetooth devices than say “Alexa pair” to my echo. Voila! All sounds from TV start to come out from your Echo.

You can also make the connection using a wire adaptor

 Wire Adaptor: You need a cable, a wire adapter, 2 RCA plug on one end and a 3.5mm plug on the other end. You can connect the 3.5 mm plug to your Alexa echo dot device and other end of the plug to your TV input. Obviously the colors in the wire adapter should be put in the port that matches its colors. This however will not work with the first model of the device that is your AMAZON ECHO because there’s no provision for the port.

What If You Want To Connect My TV To Your Wire Adaptor??

The news flash! You need a fire TV or modern not analogue.

  • Go to settings on your TV
  • Go to Bluetooth devices
  • Go to other Bluetooth devices
  • Add Bluetooth device
  • Tell Alexa to search for  Bluetooth device
  • When echo appears on your TV screen select it

 You can tell Alexa to turn off Bluetooth when you’re done using it; it shows on your TV screen and voila! You have connected and disconnected it.

What If I Want To Link My Amazon Echo To Show To My Fire TV?

  • Download or update your Alexa app from the App store.
  • Go to menu section that located on the upper left hand corner
  • Select music, video and books
  • Select Firetv
  • Select manage device and try to link devices
  • Select another Firetv living room TV

 You will have options such as Echo show, office Echo Dot, Kids Echo any one of your choice select link device

Once this is done, you can use echo to turn on the TV, so cool! If it’s not then might be an echo registration failure problem on your Echo devices.

To Get Everything Working Really Good

Plug in your power cable to the adapter, DO NOT plug the USB port in your TV because it will not communicate with TV or turn on the TV, the USB cable has to be plugged to the ACLA not into the TV USB port.

  • Go back to settings on your Firetv.
  • Navigate to display
  • Turn on your HDMICEC turn on
  • On your TV
  • Press the TV button
  • Press the menu button
  • Search for CECor internet, the HD microphone feature
  • Go to CEC select and  enter
  • Go to set up
  • Turn on everything
  • Search for connection
  • The device will recognize
  • If your TV is turned on and you don’t have a smart plug you can still turn on the fire TV

You May Wonder If You Can Play Apple Music With Your Amazon Echo, Sure, Why Not?

Well you should know that Amazon echo is capable of playing music from other sources and streaming music from spotify, Pandora etc the unfortunate thing is there is no support for Apple music right now but you can play the music using Bluetooth speaker which is not quite a unique experience, but will do.

  • Go to settings and select Bluetooth
  • Having made your device discoverable you’ll select Amazon Echo from the list of devices
  • Navigate to where your music application is and select the music you wish to listen to

I hope this answers your questions concerning amazon Echo. Have fun with your   Gadgets!!!


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