5 Game That Had Gone Way Too Far


The concept of the phrase ‘taking it too far’ is very much in use since time immemorial. The meaning of the phrase is crossing the set boundaries. Sometimes crossing the boundaries is very fatal while at other times it is the only way forward. Know your limits is very synonymous to this phrase because of these talk about the limitations of something. Through the ages, we have witnessed that oppressions took place in the society, of both mental & physical kinds, by the dominators on the servile ones and other times people were dragged down by their own self-imposed & irrational shackles. It is always a matter of taking it too far. Either you hit it or you miss it. It is like a double edge sword that can harm you and inflict a wound on your opponent, simultaneously.

This phrase is applicable in every sphere of life. However, the influence on the digital domain was a bit too much. The rapid advancement in the sector was the leading vanguard into this new millennium. From the introduction of video games to the availability of the internet and from the invention of the smart gadgets to the usage of state of the art impressive and innovative technologies is the turning point of this new age and this is also the reason the times have changes way faster than anticipated. This evolution is still going on.

The gaming sector is very popular these days not only to entertain but for realism too. Yes, the gaming sector is the domain which is taking things too far. The integration of the latest visual effects, artificial intelligence, and other mechanisms, makes the games way to much realistic & addictive. Then there is the story, the animation, and the twists. Many feel like the gore, the violence, the romance, the unreasonable emotion setups are inducing virtual-ism into people’s minds. Some are using it to keep at bay their problems & sometimes fight them also. While others are indulging in these to make money and thus falling prey to addiction. Hence, the game is no more just a game.

Enough with the heavy stuff. The games are so creative nowadays that you feel like watching a film or playing on the field by yourself. Let’s read through some of the games that are taking things too far.

  • The NFS Rivals is a racing game par excellence. The details in the car dashboard are simply impeccable. And the driver mode gives you the feel of driving a really fast car.
  • The COD 4 is a popular warfare game that allows you to sense the tension on a real battleground.
  • No sport genre is complete without the EA Sports FIFA games. Year by year the player design and ambiance are elevating to the level of a real-life stadium experience. The player mode & manager mode makes the game more personal.
  • Another fighting genre game is IGI 2. The sniper game scenario is so real that you will feel the grief when you shoot down a civilian.
  • However, for the most cinematic experience do take time and play Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. It’s like living the Michael Bay experience once more but on your console this time around.


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