India’s Best Luxury Built-in Refrigerators By Sub Zero Wolf


Sub Zero built-in refrigerator is making sure that your food stays fresh for a long time. Sub Zero refrigerators are an ideal solution for consumers when it talks about achieving more counter space, saving the overall kitchen space.

Refrigerators are useful and one of the most common appliances to use in our home. Refrigerators keep your food items fresh at optimal freshness.

Whether you are looking for a built-in refrigerator or freestanding the electric refrigerator model, you can not withdraw the top rate fridge from the kitchen. Our refrigerators are designed with an ambitious mixture of design and capability that will help you keep all of your ingredients or food fresh and easy while making a record in any home kitchen. Check out all our fridge options to associate the features and designs that are right for your refrigerator needs.

Built-in Door Refrigerator

Food Care System preserve in built-in door refrigerator with the emphasizes three technologies that work in concert to assure crisp produce and deliciously tasty foods while helping to reduce refrigerator odors. The Satin Glide System with Soft-Close confirms smooth operation of shelves, crisper, and baskets. LED lighting helps you to find everything and easy in this left-swing door refrigerator.

Sub Zero manufactures two series of built-in refrigerators as well as wine storage and under counter refrigerators. The built-in refrigerator is taller than other refrigerators.

Freestanding refrigerators

Freestanding refrigerators come in full-depth models that will extrude in past your kitchen cabinetry, or in 24” bottom models that are designed to not beat your cabinets. One of the advantages of a freestanding refrigerator is this optional bottom for homeowners who enjoy having a spacious interior in the fridge.

Freestanding refrigerators are the most common refrigeration device. They lead to be less expensive than built-in models, and they are designed for easy relocation if you need to move your appliance.

Freestanding models come in various diameters and in a variety of door style options (left hook, right hook or Norman/French Door). This flexibility is appealing, besides the fact that freestanding refrigerators don’t have to be professionally fixed.

SIDE-BY-SIDE deep freezer

The whole that pioneered inherent refrigeration currently offers you additional aesthetic and purposeful choices than ever. Sleek clean styles, exceptional materials, which clear ventilated grille. Our inherent units are available in several configurations and a large sort of sizes, however, all of them create an announcement.

Whether or not you select our trademark stainless-steel doors or custom panels to match encompassing cabinetry, Sub-Zero’s inherent model’s area unit absolutely reception in ancient or modern styles. Facultative chrome steel panels square measure out there for every model, to make a detached look.

The Sub-Zero BI-48S side-by-side refrigerator/freezer offers convenient, giant capability side-by-side refrigerator during a 1219mm dimension. Sub-Zero twin refrigeration, water filtration, and new air purification systems guard freshness like nothing before. and advanced silicon chip controls and quality, magnetic door seals, type a food preservation system built, built and tested to perform like no alternative.

On the market in stainless-steel and overlay, the flush inset style installation permits the unit to take a seat flush with surrounding cabinetry, whereas elective chrome steel panels square measure out there to make a separate look.

So what makes Sub-Zero the world’s best built-in refrigerator brand?

Most refrigerators have one mechanical device, that is controlled by an interior thermostat. once the icebox temperature rises higher than a precise level, the mechanical device kicks into cycle air between the (freezer|deep-freeze|Deep freeze|deep freezer|electric refrigerators|fridge) and refrigerator compartments to control the unit’s internal temperature.

It’s not terribly economical to use one compressor to control two compartments at completely different temperatures. and also a lot of the refrigerator temperature fluctuates, the quicker the food within it spoils. That’s the logic behind Sub-Zero’s twin-compressor system. it’s all concerning maintaining temperature and humidness stability to prolong the lifetime of your food.

The real, measurable distinction in product period of time tends to surprise new Sub-Zero house owners. as an example, even supposing recent cabbage tends to spoil terribly quickly, it lasts 3-6 weeks during a Sub-Zero inherent electric refrigerator.

The benefits of adding weeks to the period of time of the contents of your fridge: less cash wasted on spoiled food, less to throw off from the refrigerator, and take fewer visits to the grocery.


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