The best motivation always comes from within


Motivation is the driving force behind peoples’ action. More often than not, people find the motivation to work from their hard work. They may also derive it from people they look up to. Motivation is what enables us to leave our home in the morning and work hard. Instead of lazing around, motivation enables us to achieve our goals and makes us better at what we do.

Why Motivation is important

A motivated person has the thirst and zeal for success. A dull, unmotivated person doesn’t come across as a positive person. He lacks the confidence to tackle any unforeseen hurdle. An under confident man would find it hard to succeed in life if he remains unmotivated for a long time. On the other hand, a motivated person is extra-charged, confident and is ready to face any hurdle.

Every company or organization wants a motivated employee. Such employees would only benefit the organization they work with. A motivated person comes across as an all-rounder, radiating confidence. People will know that a motivated person can work wonders when presented with an opportunity.

Motivation: A short duration drug

Motivation is like adrenaline. It gives you a surge to achieve your goals. However, like the effect of adrenaline, it is short lived. Like most things in this world, motivation is not permanent. A motivated person only stays in this period of hyper-awareness for a short time. And after it washes off, it is often difficult to work hard.

Motivation is simply a feeling. And like feelings, it comes and goes. A person necessarily can’t always stay happy. And there comes a time in everyone’s life when they would feel sad or gloomy. Similarly, motivation has the same “half-life”.

Whenever a person sets a goal and becomes motivated to achieve it, they might invest fully in achieving it. The person is quite excited and has the urge to achieve it quickly. However, as time passes, the motivation subsides and the person becomes uninspired.

The thinking part of the brain- cerebrum controls only 20% of your decisions. The rest is done by your instincts. It would be safe to say that most of the times; the human body is on “auto-pilot” mode. As one grows older, the instincts get better, so people never really put much “thought” into their actions.

As a result, motivation disappears over time as people make decisions based on their instincts and not really thinking before their actions. Since the instinct takes over the control, motivation subsides.

How staying Unmotivated is Harmful

Gallup Survey states that 85% of the working force don’t like their job. This basically means that 85% of the workforce do not have enough motivation in them. There have been many surveys to find what motivates the employees the most. Getting recognition from the manager was the best and most effective way to boost an employee’s motivation. Even good pay or paid vacation doesn’t motivate the employees much.

However, this hardly works since we all know motivation is a temporary factor. No amount of well-written books or videography can keep us motivated for long durations. The human brain is programmed to work upon instincts, which one develops over time. Motivation, being temporary fades away as it is not hard encoded into our instincts.


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