8 Most Common Mistakes That Bloggers Will Make


Are you among those starters who are still struggling to get expected results from their blog?
There are no two ways about the fact that blogging can be intricate and it very essential that you do things right from the very beginning and continue doing so.

Here are Mistakes That Bloggers Will Make:

  1. Not Understanding Your Audience

One of the biggest mistakes that bloggers can make is failing to understand their target audience and this mistake can be fatal for the blog. There are many bloggers who seem to have understood their niche but not their audience and thus fail to connect with them through their posts.

As a blogger, you must know what your audience is already aware of to avoid repetitions of the same info that your audience is no more interested in. If you do not have an idea of this, then there is a huge possibility that your blog excludes the right information and includes the wrong and elementary one. It might also happen that the post may fail to explain the problem at hand. Either way, the blog will appear useless to the reader.

2. Not having a Strong Niche

If you do not have a strong niche of your own, you are likely to encounter utter failure. Trying to be a “jack of all” will fetch you little or no results. Trying to be everything for everybody is not the correct way to carry on blogging. The more focused you remain towards a particular topic and the more clearly you spell out your blogging mission, more likely it is that you develop your niche that is equally passionate and valuable for the audience.

For example, being a banker, you should try and contain yourself to business lending and avoid wasting time and energy writing about mortgage. Write about differences between loans for restaurants and convenience stores, various loan options for businesses etc.

It must be borne in mind that focusing on one strong niche does not contain the capabilities of the blogger rather it leads to his blogs being more specific, interesting and informative.

3. Inconsistency

Inconsistency in your blogs in terms of frequency of publication and the quality of content is another big mistake that brings down the interest of audience gradually. It is correct that you must blog only when “you have to something to say”, but what is equally important is that that you adhere to a publication schedule and for this you must strive to find “something to say” frequently.

Most bloggers skip writing their blog thinking that they do not have strong enough or voluminous enough stuff to write. Although this practice enables you avoid writing useless stuff but at the same time uncertainty brings down the popularity of your blog. Successful blogs are the ones that publish at a fixed frequency.

At the sametime you must remember that having a publishing routine does not essentially mean throwing up garbage in the post. If it is a choice between frequency and quality, choose quality. Two high-quality posts will fetch you more results that five or six substandard ones. The key to success is striking a balance between consistency in publishing and consistency in quality.

4. Not Committing to the Process


Out of so many mistakes that you as a blogger can make, the one that can get most frustrating results is not committing to the process. Blogging is no magic wand that it will fetch you results overnight. Most blogger mistake blogging for a tool that will have an instant effect on their business, make their search engine positions skyrocket and provide them a bed of $100 bills to sleep on, the very next day.

It must be understood that constructing business through a blog takes time, effort and dedication. Three to four posts per week might start showing up results in 4-6 months or so and even later if you are in an industry with lot of other competitors. It also requires writing keyword rich posts with influential and convincing titles in order to be read and shared.

5. Focusing on Quantity instead of Quality

A lot of bloggers focus on frequency of posts rather than quality and that is another big mistake. Your blog can appear fresh from the point of view of human consumption as well as search engines if it is done a few times a week. The more you blog, more quantity you gain but at the same time lose on quality of the write up. It is a known fact that it is not humanly possible for a person to produce posts of same quality very frequently. A blog with underperforming material will eventually make your audience lose interest and fetch you no results in long run. Unless you have a dedicated team of professional writers, go for quality rather than quantity.

6. Making it all about you

Are you somebody that will interest the readers, a celebrity perhaps? If it is not so, then instead of writing about yourself and your exploits, write content that will be useful and entertaining for the reader. It is good to put down your personality in your content in order to connect personally with your audience, but write only if it is interesting enough and avoid overdoing it.

7. Not Engaging with Readers

Another big mistake that most bloggers make is neglecting meaningful engagement with their readers in the comments section. There is no denial to the fact that readers appreciate acknowledgement from the writer when they comment. Creating exceptional content is what will bring readers but the way you build relationships with them is what will keep them interested in you and your blog. It may not be possible to reply to all readers in case of large blogs but even few replies that indicate to all readers that you are reading their posts will serve the purpose.

8. Failing to Engage Readers with a Compelling Headline

A compelling title is a must for all blogs. Another important aspect is an opening statement or question that cements the title. A title serves as a label of a package and the package will only be opened if the label amply describes what lies within.

The opening few lines of the blog must hook the reader by delivering what title has promised. When both, the title and the opening narration go hand in hand, rest of the content is easily accepted by the reader.

As it has already been mentioned, generating more leads from a blog is no child’s play and requires a conscious and consistent effort. Beware of the mistakes mentioned above and try to rectify if you are already committing any of them. Avoiding them will go a long way in bringing popularity to your blog and prosperity to your business.


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