Top 5 Tips That Every New SEO Provider Must Follow


Success as a competent SEO provider requires great expertise and experience. You can easily manage the former by recruiting highly knowledgeable staff but experience cannot be gained overnight.

However, it does not mean that as a budding SEO provider, you cannot taste business success fast. Absence of experience in this field can be compensated by following smarter ideas. While handling a client, you have to behave in a certain way for gaining maximum profit as well as goodwill.

You can establish yourself as an outstanding SEO provider by using the below mentioned Essential Tips For New SEO Companies:

Refrain from assuring top rankings to your clients

SEO is a growing field. The principles, on which the websites are categorized on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), keep changing without notice. That is why you can never guarantee to your client that the SEO techniques that you use will spell instant success for him.

Therefore, you should make your client understand that the SEO for a website involves constant adaptation to the algorithms, and these codes are fixed by the search engines, not by you.

However, by taking informed decisions and using correct approaches as per the current search engine algorithms, desired success can be achieved.

Still, adjusting to new algorithms does take time and your client will have to be patient for witnessing the anticipated results.

Discuss genuine expectations with your client

Although ranking is an important aspect of SEO, it is not the only one. Once you have conveyed the role of dynamic algorithms in shaping the website rankings, you need to turn the client’s attention to other aspects of SEO. Otherwise, you may end up panicking him.

Hence, explain to your client all the measures and strategies that you will follow to maximize his site optimization.

Tell him that you will work towards improving his website so that it joins the category of good websites. For instance, you can mention that you will use white hat techniques for enhancing visibility of his website.

Similarly, convey that you will ensure that the money you make him spend on the PPC campaigns and content marketing will yield the best results.

Communicate the business goals that you will help your client meet

It is important to familiarize your client with how his business will benefit through your SEO services. While discussing the benefits, do not focus only on rankings, as you do not have 100% control over them.

Educate your client properly that a higher ranking on SERP does not always indicate good business. Only a higher conversion rate will bring success for his business. Hence, elaborate on how your services will help his business achieve an increasing conversion rate.

You should also tell him about the SEO strategy that you will use to achieve these goals. Break down the strategy in steps and use simple language to help the client understand them better.

Set goals with your client

Not every business owner knows what exactly he would like to gain from SEO services. Most owners just want to see their business profits skyrocket after employing these services. However, you are well aware that SEO success depends on a number of criteria.
Ask your client how he visualizes his perfect website visitor. You may get a variety of answers. For example, your client may tell you that his ideal visitor is the one that converts or at least spends a certain number of minutes on the site.

By learning the goals of your client, you will be able to construct a fully customized plan for delivering effective SEO services.

Get into a contract with your client before starting the project

It is unprofessional to begin working for a client before signing a contract. A contract will provide your company with protection against damages, if your client’s website faces problems that have not been caused by you.

For instance, many times, search engines such as Google de-index websites that have committed a violation of certain regulations. In case, the de-indexing was not caused due to your fault, then, the contract will protect your business interests.

It will also mention all the services that you will provide to the client along with their rates. If there are some special clauses that your client wishes to enjoy, then, those clauses should be included as well in the contract. In this way, the contract facilitates elimination of confusion and misunderstandings. It will prove beneficial to both parties.


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