Google Start Testing Mysterious Fuchsia OS On The Pixel Book


Do You remember Fuchsia OS? It is one the nmost mysterious operating system about which we know very little, except that Google is actively developing it and has described it as an “experimental project” that isn’t replacing Chrome OS or Android… at least for the time being.

Fuchsia OS

For over a year, Google has been developing an operating system named ‘Fuchsia,’ designed to run across a wide array of devices. The company hasn’t said anything publicly about it, but it is entirely open-source, so development on the project has been transparent. Simply put, we can see what Google is working on, but we don’t know what it will actually be used for.

Chromebooks in general are flexible devices, and it makes sense for Google’s flagship computer to be used as a testbed for its next-generation operating system, even if it’s not exactly clear what the whole purpose of Fuchsia is at this point.

Google is retaining its playing cards with regards to its chest in the interim so far as Fuchsia is anxious, however from what we now have been ready to position in combination it sounds just like the OS is being written from the bottom up with modern day hardware in thoughts.

According to Fuchsia’s documentation, the Acer Switch Alpha 12 and Intel NUC are officially supported ‘target’ devices. This means that Fuchsia has been verified to work on those devices, and they are most likely the top devices used for testing. A page about installing Fuchsia on the Google Pixelbook was recently added, which explains the process of placing the laptop in developer mode and booting from a USB drive.

As for whether Google will stick with Fuchsia, nobody knows: the company might decide that the combination of Chrome OS with Android apps, just like on the Pixelbook currently, is enough for users in the future.


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