4 Ways How Can You Be Ready For The Digital Transformation Wave


Digital transformation is a basic prerequisite for a business’s success and mandatory for every business to be prepared for the wave that is imminent. While most companies believe that digital transformation is essential, hardly 5% of the companies adopt the transformations at any given point of time.

The new wave of digital transformation that the business world will witness is the building of applications by the citizen developer. The developers will be able to build the applications on their own, similar to the Spreadsheets or Excel sheets created by any business person. But, companies that are solely depending on the IT to take them through the transformation are most likely to fail.

IT has lost the authority it had in the digital world with business owners preferring to use their own applications and programs of their own choice. IT was always considered as a security blanket for the company’s online and inside data but that is no longer the case. Rather than going with the pace of transformation, IT moves at its own slow pace, which can never be conducive to positive change. Need of the hour??? Media technology solutions that would enable citizen developers to create applications that is flexible and simple, and easy to use.

Research shows that about 25% of the companies have complete digital business operations and customer interfaces. It is time for other companies to hilt up and widen their horizon and come up with solutions that will help them to reach the pinnacle of complete digital transformation. Citizen developers who know the inside and outside of the business and have a good know-how of technology can help the businesses to be ready for the transformation, and with ease.

Are you prepared for the transformation? Let us go ahead and know how you can be ready for the digital transformation wave.

  1. Think Outside The Box

It is time to limit the IT’s spectrum to just being the security in-charge and treat this technology as a solution to many of the company’s problems. A cross-organizational collaboration between the business and the IT people will help in creating a change that is much needed in the business sphere.

2. Find The Talent And Train Them

In a group of employees, it is often difficult to find citizen developers who would want to jump the wagon and create own solutions to the problem. It is a task of the business heads to locate the talents and provide necessary training to them. A little push and loads of encouragement form the business executives will help the citizen developers to move in the right direction and the training will help them gain knowledge and confidence to make the leap.

3. Investing In The Right Place

Products were the focus of every technological advancement in the last couple of decades, there is bound to be a shift in the coming years to platforms, which will be the go-to solution of the next gen. It is important for companies to understand the need for building different solutions for various departments and investing wisely in the sector where the requirement is high. The companies should be ready to adopt technologies that are multi-functional and suit various departments. If numbers are to be believed, about 20% of the companies are lagging in catching with the digital business process management modules.

  4. Paying Importance To The Processes

With the change in the working trend around the globe, there are most likely chances of a shift in the employees. The work sector has seen a change from traditional 9-5 office goers to freelancers, work from home, remote employees, and independent entrepreneurs. The companies should stop depending on the employees and focus on the data. They should start investing in the processes that help in collecting as much data as possible.

The upcoming digital transformation wave will be wider and bigger than any wave that the business world has witnessed and this requires the businesses to be prepared and create an amalgamated team of IT and other employees. Every company, irrespective of the field, should be ready and set their priorities right. The company leaders can make sure they have the digital-first mindset and ready for the change.


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