How Can Website Design Affect SEO in 2019?


Nowadays website design has a serious impact on your SEO success. Good quality and eye-catchy design of the website bring a large number of users and allow them to get whatever they searching for. Additionally, it will impact on various factors that are in your SEO field, for instance, content displaying, loading speed, ranking on different search engine and much more. Here we discuss how website design can affect SEO, so let’s have a look:

Responsive Design Is SEO Friendly

The best website designers for small business can make your website responsive and it can offer the best viewing experience to the visitors. Your content can be displayed perfectly on various devices, for example, smartphone, laptop, tablet, and desktop.

By attracting more visitors from different channels, you do not have higher traffic, but may be referred by a search engine as well. For instance, in the event that search engines found your site has a very low bounce rate with mobile users, you may get higher search ranking with mobile searches.

Choose The Right Domain Name

A domain name represents your business online on the web. So, you need to choose a domain name relevant to your business name. Since it always serves with SEO, it is another part where you place necessary keywords. However, do not go for the lengthy domain name as audiences may have difficulty in remembering such domain names.

When you have to update your domain name for some particular reason, you do not desire to lose present ranking.

Page Load Time

It is an important factor used by Google to determine the website’s rankings. Search engine Google use various factors to determine the search engine rankings. It is necessary your users will be happy with the enhancement on page speed. In the event that you are an SEO, it is your job to make the site load as fast as possible to improve your site ranking.

If your website is more responsible, it will usually load faster than those that are not.

Further, this will lead to better user experience and, a boost in rankings. Also, Google has shown support to the websites that have fast page load times, so it would not be harmful to you to optimize it for faster page load time.

Heading Tags

These are also essential for SEO. Header tags provide the reader a look of what the page/post and each section are about one they’re on it.

Make sure you make attractive headings as reader will glance on the heading for something that they find trustworthy or catchy. Furthermore, the search engine utilizes these tags as markers of content what is in the post and the necessary to keep in mind.

Header tags carry various power with the H1 tag as the most essential. This can be incorporated in the first-page heading. In the event that you have developed a website in WordPress, you can take an approach into the title section too. Do not forget the tags are used by two groups and they are search engines and the targeted audiences. Further, they give a context indicator in the form of keywords to the search engine.

Navigation Design

An attractive navigation design will encourage users to visit your website without any difficulty.  When visitors visit your site, they will view the design right away. In case, if your site is slow or out of date, the user may not prefer to visit your site. The experience and look of your site are essential.

You need a site design that makes it simple for users to visit on your site for long and they can without any difficulty find whatever they are looking for. Navigation is important to both the users as well as the search engines. Without a great navigation design, your website will not be recognized SEO friendly and it will rank badly in the search engines.

Bounce Rate

It is one of the factors of SEO which play vital roles in website ranking. When visitors get to your site, they need to spend an amount of time and your site’s functionality and information would convince them to stay. On the other hand, if you do not have a responsive website, the users browsing your website from mobile is not going to have a good experience in term of usability.  

So, at the end user will close your site i.e. bouncing back from your website. This would enhance the bounce rate and you are losing in the race of SEO.

Final Words

As we discuss above a web design can have a great impact on SEO. In case, if your site is not easily understood and complex to browse different page then users may get trouble to use to the site. They leave your site and leaving a bad impression toward your organization.

This will make your site common but not impressive with an unfavorable effect on web page ranking. Therefore, a well-designed website with simple navigation design and use of fine images surely make a good result in SEO.


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