Proven Ways to Make Money Using Tradelines According to Experts


Most of us have heard about the most lucrative channels for making money these days. Technology has opened many new opportunities that can be tapped by all people to make money. If you are looking for a good opportunity to make some extra money, then tradeline has got your back. All you need is to understand what it is and how it works.

Simply explained, a tradeline is a credit account. They include the loans that you have and the credit card that you are operating right now. It might be a surprise for many to hear that they can make money through these avenues. So, without further ado, here are the most common ways to make money through a tradeline.

Have a Good Credit Score

If you want to earn some money through tradelines, it is high time that you keep your credit score high. The main ways of doing this are by paying your debts well and maintaining a healthy credit card balance. After this, credit score repair companies will recognize your tradelines as ones that can be used to boost others. In fact, they are usually on the lookout for such opportunities through their websites. You may also ask a friend who has been earning through this method to connect you to a good company.

Adding an Authorized User

Credit card companies allow users to add each other to their cards. Therefore, one’s ability will boost the other’s inability. This process is done by a credit boosting company. So, if you have a good score, your account will be connected to that of a person with bad credit and you will get paid for piggybacking. Therefore, this is where your good credit rating will come in handy.

According to experts from Boostcredit101, one can add more than one AU to their high-rated credit line. This will add more money as long as you can keep your score high and the tradeline open.

Commissions After Referrals

Various credit card companies can give commissions if you refer someone to use their services. When authorized users are added to a credit card, service providers automatically release a referral commission that can cancel the debt. However, the commission will not take effect if your credit card is closed down. So, this should act as motivation to keep operating the credit card.

Have Multiple Healthy Tradelines

A person with three healthy tradelines will earn more their counterpart with one. With this, you can attach one AU to each tradeline, which is an avenue for earning more passive money. The only effort you make is keeping your tradelines active and healthy. It is possible to maintain up to three credit cards and use all of them well in your various activities.


According to financial experts, this is one of the ways that can make you hundreds of dollars a month when utilized well. If you wonder whether or not it is ethical, it all depends on how you view it. The channel is open for those who are comfortable earning this passive income.


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