What are The Must-Have Features of Online Travel Portal Software

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Online shopping is very much common now. People prefer buying from online shopping sites and travel preferences are no exception and this is the reason why travel agencies are going online to outreach deeper into the market. Travelling is a common phenomenon and the natural instinct of human nature to exploring new places won’t ever come to an end.

Whether it is for a vacation or a business meet, to provide all round support services to meet the requirements of a traveler is the ultimate goal of an ideal travel agency. As the time is advancing, new technological innovations are coming to the forefront to provide users more comfort in online shopping.

Travel agencies are taking care of the variation of demands and requirements of each traveler and by collaborating with travel portal development company, they are building a platform that can meet the variety the of requirements of their clients. The more comfort and services you provide, the more you will enhance your clientele base. But do you know, what are the must-have features of online booking software? When you plan to have a technology based software system to yield out your services, it is very important to look out for features, as it helps you proliferate the realm of your business.

Appealing interface

Your travel technology provider must design an appealing website to lure the customer. Website interface is the first place a customer looks at. It must be designed in a way, so that the visitor starts browsing through the various features you are providing and you never know, while browsing, the user can purchase your services.

Enticing image gallery

Images have more power to lure a client. High resolution images allow customer to visualize what they will experience when they book the services from your company. An image gallery on the system allows you to pick the best sight that will highlight the services you are mastered in and lets your customer to imagine his days while booking through your portal.

Alluring Book now button

With every services you provide, a ‘book now’ button for each feature is a must. It makes your client to book instantly whenever they find the service beneficial to them. Make sure, the button is not hidden on any given page. Give it a prominent place so that no matter where the visitor is, it should be easily accessible to them.

Real-time booking

With this feature, your customer can reserve and purchase the services provided by you whenever it is convenient for them and they will receive instant confirmation notification via Email or SMS. This feature helps you get rid of the hassles of individual phone calls. Apart from that, this feature empowers you to distribute the live information on flights, hotels, car rental, bus service, train and cruise details and their availability and price to your consumers.

Multiple payment gateway options

When consumers are buying everything online, they prefer paying through online transactions. Having the feature of multiple payment options, let your customer to pay according to their convenience. This is a safe and easy way for your customers to pay for your travel services and it is used across the globe.


A visual calendar allows the tour agents to keep an eye on their daily, weekly and monthly bookings. It updates automatically and this is much more efficient than going back to dates to check a previous reporting.

Currency and language settings

If you want to go global, currency and language settings is a must have features for your online booking software. To appeal the global audience, it is essential to have booking software that can be displayed in other languages too. When it comes to payment, it is equally important for you to accommodate different currencies so that your consumers from different countries can make a booking without any hassle.

These are some of the important factors you should consider while planning to get a travel portal. It not only makes your life easy, but also makes the booking process convenient for your clients.


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