Palm reading or hand prediction is known as palmistry. Palm reading is about analyzing the fortune and future of any person and making predictionsabout death, marriage, job, life, health, wisdom and wealth. Palmistry is not only about reading palms it also include about arms, finger and nails on the basis of their shape and sizes

History of palmistry is thousand years old in India,Brahmans use to make predictions about the fortune and future of the person. It popularly prevailed in India, China and many other countries but with the change in time there is change in belief now in modern world there is a dispute in believing or not believing as people do not trust the evaluation of their hands too much now it has become more of a fun way to pass time and impress your friends or girlfriends.

It’s not easy to trace the roots of palmistry in a specific time it requires lot of practice and patience to seek knowledge regarding palm reading but if you want to know How To Read Your Palm then you need to be an expert just follow below mentioned methods.

The four lines that every hand has is the basic of palm reading though there are numerous lines on your hand but these four are the most important one they are as follows:

  • Heart line: it is located at the top of the hand which determines the emotional sate of a person.
  • Head line: it is located just below heart line and at the center of your palm it indicates your mentality.
  • Life line: it is located below heart line goes around your thumb showing the vitality.
  • Line of stability: it is also known as the fate line which starts at the bottom of your palm and run towards the middle finger indicating your feelings about your life you create.

The shape of the line whether curved or straight speaks about your flexibility for example if the line is more curved like a half circle it means that you are creative, nurturing, open and emotional nature but if the line is straight it means that you keep yourself guarded, preserved and very rational you believe in logistics like black and white, yes or no.

The length and depth of lines also has important feature to share about if the lines are dark and deep the morestable is that part of you the deep line indicates strength and emotions whereas the person with light lines are more sensitive and vulnerable.

The length concept of lines is very interesting those lines on the palm varies greatly in length demonstrates about the success and prominence in life the short line determines trouble in focusing.

 Palmistryilluminates the path ahead but always keepin mindthat people and both hands change over the course of time palmistry isnot a fixed answer it’s a guide to frame your own interpretations with the help of your own intuitions.


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